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ground_lamps_for_your_home_and_workplace [2013/05/13 13:54] (aktuální)
bertie395 created
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 +Floor lamps are the latest bright idea in design with great new styles. Whatever lighting option you need certainly to boost your indoor or outdoor living, pick fashionable bulbs any room can be illuminated by you with some appeal. Wrought metal table lamps  floor lamps are among the most common light. ​
 + <a href="​http://​​node/​179986">​Enhance Your Dollhouse Exterior To Produce A Huge Impact  ​
 +Halogen torchiere floor lamps, freestanding lamps with open, short bowl shirts offering indirect "up lighting,"​ have become increasingly popular since their introduction in the Usa in 1983. These lamps use halogen tubular bulbs, which get much hotter than normal light bulbs. Considering that the surfaces are open, flammable objects such as for example blinds can certainly ignite through direct connection with the halogen light. ​
 +Many normal torchiere floor bulbs use halogen lights that burn off at temperatures exceeding 1,200 levels hot enough to fry an in 30 seconds! That is well above the combustion temperatures for cloth, wood and report, starting from 350-500 degrees F. The Consumer Products and services Safety Commission has attributed at least 350 fires, 114 incidents and at least 31 deaths resulting in $2 million in property damage to these lights [[http://​​joachigr/​wikitest/​mediawiki-1.16.2/​index.php?​title=DaciaFoss154|web address]] ​ . 
 +But Energy Star marked torchiere floor lights use compact fluorescent bulbs that burn up much cooler, last 5 times longer and use 80% less energy. For example, an Energy Star torchiere runs on the 56-watt fluorescent bulb, gives exactly the same number of light as a 300-watt halogen bulb. Power Star torchieres have full range or 3 methods dimming, are available in many different types and have a two-year warranty. ​
 +For something fun and cool, use a yellow colored lamp lined in plastic. This is a dear bulb, however it happens to be a discussion starter. Check out the design stained glass lamps, if you appreciate brilliant colors with stained glass shades. From stained glass, contemporary table lamps, table lamps, conventional lamps, mica property amps [[http://​​~numericalmath/​nmc/​index.php?​title=LinderNoonan867|LinderNoonan867 - NMC]]  .Xavio Design
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