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Prof. Dr. Radim Filip

Professor of Optics and Optoelectronics  

Department of Optics  Faculty of Science

Palacky University

17. listopadu 1192/12, 77146 Olomouc,
Czech Republic
,  Phone:   +420 585634249  
Fax:   +420585225246,


 Curriculum Vitae: 

  2003: PhD in Optics and Optoelectronics, Palacky University
  2005: Habilitation in Optics and Optoelectronics, Palacky University   
  2005-2006: Alexander von Humboldt fellowship, MPL Erlangen
  2006: Associated Professor, Palacky University
  2007: Special Recognition of Czech Science Foundation
  2007: Alexander von Humboldt Return Fellowship  
  2008: visiting researcher, DTU Lyngby, Denmark
  2010: visiting professor, ENS Paris-Cachan
  2011: Prize of President of Czech Science Foundation  
  2011-2014: manager, Center for Information and Uncertainty
  2014-2018: co-PI, Center of Excellence for Classical and Quantum Interactions in                        Nanoworld

  2016: Full Professor, Palacky University 
  2016-2020: Member of Neuron Foundation Scientific Board 
2018: Otto Mønsted Professorship at DTU Lyngby, Denmark 
  2021-2023: PI, Twinning in non-Gaussian Physics for Quantum Technology 
  2021-2025: PI, Center of Excellence for Quantum non-Gaussian coherence         
František Běhounek Award of Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport

  2022-: Associated Editor of Optics Express